Photo taken in front of Manning's Hollywood home.

Music, Entrepreneurship, and Higher Education

There is a misalignment between the traditional music curriculum and the contemporary cultural economy. Higher Ed must adjust its approach and adopt an omni-cultural musical world view.  Lanning's research involved a survey of nearly 5,000 music faculty in the Southeast. The results were stunning: music faculty overwhelmingly support a reconceptualization of the long held curriculum in pursuit of relevancy to today's global culture.

Kathleen Lockhart Manning

This is a Hollywood story gone bad. Manning, of the California School of women composers, bridged the gap between American parlor song and art song.  A debilitating mental and emotional breakdown ended her career and resulted in a decade of personal anguish. Lanning has been authorized to write the first official biography of Ms. Manning and has been entrusted with thousands of pages of family documents.